Paul Critchley


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When I open my eyes and look around me the world I see does not look round, apart from a few hills, it looks flat. In fact it takes a great deal of imagination and faith to believe it could be anything else. Centuries before the invention of mobile phones, Sat Nav and the internet, some bizarre people like Christopher Columbus set sail towards the horizon on a journey into the unknown, as wild and unpredictable as Yuri Gagarin’s first flight into space in 1961. Once the world was large and travel was adventurous now it’s small and we’ve all become commuters; commuting to all corners of the world.
There are two pairs of ‘cubic globes’, the first show the natural world and the other the world divided up politically. The cubes are set out on the grid pattern of longitude and latitude at 10° intervals. The eight corners of the globe are at 0° 45°N, 90°E 45°N, 180° 45°N, 90°W 45°N and 0° 45°S, 90°E 45°S, 180° 45°S, 90°W 45°S. It would be possible to navigate the world using these cubes and for the ancient mariner, who has packed his suitcase, looking at this cube would be reassuring.
Paul Critchley was born in England but now lives and works in Farindola, Abruzzo.



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