Heater Freitas: Portraits


The world around us is always changing and ever evolving, but in today’s century it may be for the worst. Deforestation, GMO’s, a plastic wasteland and PCB’s along with DDT still reside around us and will continue to impact us in the long run building to a point where at one time there may be no turning back.

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It is stated that one person can not change the world but artist Heather Freitas states that “it is with my deepest hopes that my artwork can. Art has created movements and implemented change through history, why not now? Why not me?”
Freitas currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona where she is known for creating work out of primarily recycled media to, as the artist states ” help people become more aware about the issues that we will face in the future and allow them to see the beauty that can come from recycling.” The artist explores everything from history to human emotion in response to our deteriorating environment, and it is our hope as hers that we can lead the way and start a new movement that preserves our living and future generations on this planet as well as the life that resides around us.

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