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Maria Cristina Limido – Portraits


Maria Cristina L was born in Legnano  (Milan) on 17.06.55

She gets a degree in foreign languages and has been working as an interpreter and translator.  At the same time, she enters an atelier of a local painter which she has been attending for 3 years.

Then she specializes in pastel technique and in artistic anatomy. She has been attending for 3 years the H School of fine arts in Milan where she gets a degree in painting techniques.

The start of her artistic trial is related to German expressionism. D colour and fast brushstrokes, a dramatic representation of reality with suffering subjects.

T period is oriented more to the description of reality; in this period she specializes in oil technique.

Finally, in these last years, she is trying to personalize real subjects by filtering them through her unconscious and fantasy completely new image to create emotion.

S oil, acrylic, watercolour, pastel, coal and mixed technique.

She is also a ceramist and utilizes ceramics in installation works, too.

She is a teacher of drawing and painting and President at Centro Artecultura Bustese.

Now she is also Vice President of AAL Associazione Artistica Legnanese






4-11maggio 2002 Villa Gonzaga – Olgiate Olona

26 maggio 7 giugno 2002 Comune di Cerro Maggiore

28-30 giugno 2002 Villa Rusconi – Rescaldina

15-28 febbraio 2003 Centro d’arte S. Magno – Legnano

21-25 febbraio 2003 Istituto E: Fermi – Castellanza

20-31 maggio 2003 Esposizione e premiazione

Accademia Internazionale di Arte Moderna

Roma – Residenza Montemario Roma

19-20 settembre 2003 Cascina Monluè – Milano

Novembre 2003 Arci – Jail – Legnano

10-25 gennaio 2004   Villa Pomini – Castellanza

 4-10 aprile 2004 Spazio espositivo Comune di Dairago – Mi –

9-17 luglio 2005 Sala Enea – Villa Litta  Lainate

10 dicembre 2006 ARTI GRAFICHE E PITTORICHE  Spazio Espositivo Ex Borletti Canegrate

24-30 giugno 2008 Galleria– Centro  Storico di Menaggio 

16-23 giugno 2009 Galleria  – Centro  Storico di Menaggio

5-17 marzo 2010 Sala Mostre Pro Loco Sesto Calende 

29 maggio 11 giugno 2010 Sala Mostre Pro Loco Gallarate

5 -12 luglio 2010 Galleria Centro Storico di Menaggio

17-24 luglio 2010 Sala Mostre Centro Storico Radda in Chianti

Agosto 2010 L a Schiranna Varese

14-20 settembre 2010             Galleria di via Roma  Follonica

5 dicembre -26 aprile 2011 Ristorante Acino Brillo Roma

26 aprile – 5 maggio 2011 Sala Mostre Pro Loco Sesto Calende

14 – 21giugno 2011 Galleria  Centro Storico Menaggio

15-30 luglio 2011                                          Galleria Eventi Grosseto

1 febbraio – 30 aprile 2012 Esposizione Galleria Pzza Mercato Varzi

10 – 17 giugno 2012 Galleria Comunale  Castiglion della Pescaia

22 – 29 giugno 2012 Galleria Comunale  comune di Tremezzo

Giugno 2014 Boh!  Milano  Quartiere della Moda

1 a- 31 Dicembre 2014 Ristorante La Marianna Tremezzo

Dicembre 2015                                             Spazio Studio Grooming Legnano

Dal 21 al 28 agosto 2018 Galleria di Piazza Garibaldi  Menaggio

Dal 5 al 13 ottobre 2019 Spazio Arte Carlo Farioli  Busto Arsizio

Dal 2 al 26 febbraio 2023 Spazio AZIMUT Gallarate

Dal 11 al 26 febbraio 2023 Atelier Ferioli Legnano




CAB CENTRO ARTE CULTURA BUSTESE 2015 – 2016 -2017 – 2018 – 2019 – 2021 – 2022 – 2023


Circuiti Dinamici MILANO                                          Galleria Via A. Giovanola 21 Milano 2018 – 2023

La riseria – Novara               2018/2019

TEXPOART Triennale Arte Tessile2023



Geir Floede – Background and foreground –

Wowogallery presentes the Norwegian photographer Geir Floede. 

geir floede

geir floede

I try to create motion in my pictures. Even when the motives stand still. I want some kind of movement. On most of these photos , I ‘ve tried to let the background come to the same level as the foreground and the samethe vice versa. Sometimes you may even feel that the background is in front of the foreground. We always try to create logical contexts, and when an image does not provide this answer, the eye will look fro different explanations. The hope is that even stagnant motivs like trees in the forest get the sense of motion. My images often have a surrealistic touch. I do not want my photos to give any answers, but I hope the viewer can create their own image inside their own mind.

Please visit his wensite:

instagram : Geirfloede

Facebook : Geir flode photography


geir floede

geir floede


Along Penne streets – 01/08 – 31/08/2018

Three years have passed since the first time we appeared on this wall. Three years in which we showed on our wall many artists from all part of the world. Three years of constant commitment, always looking for new goad. We just have to wish you a good walk through the streets of Penne, along this exhibition traveling, looking for yours favorite artists.


1-Bar Centrale: Paolo Iammarone Riccardo Lucidi 2-Bar dei Pini: Eric Wallis 3-Pasticceria Dolci Pensieri: Laura Facchini 4-Farmacia Filipponi: George Nobechi 5-Bar Belvedere: Miki Degni 6-Assicurazioni Frasca Francesco: Paul Critchley 7-Tabacchi De Fabritiis Daniele: Heiter Freitas 8-Bar Tibo: Francesco di Pasquantonio 9-Bar Malu’: Michael Critchley 10-Gelateria Conamore: Alison Thomas 11-Gelateria La Regina: Catherine Hiller 12-Pizzeria Ex Officine: Renato Ventoso



Giove -ph Marco Guidi

Marco Guidi – Observing the sky. Dal 20-06 al 31-07-2018

Marco Guidi has been fond of astronomy since adolescence and was an astrophotographer of the solar system since 2004.

Venere - ph. Marco Guidi

Venere – ph. Marco Guidi

The self-construction of his telescopes has been with him for many years and led him to realize the computerized 60cm f / 3.5 Newton reflector he currently uses. He has had important national and international awards including 2 images published on the cover of the magazine ” Astronomy UAI ”, his image of the storm on Saturn was one of the best 12 images published on the book donated by the UAI to ‘ then President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano.

Saturno - ph. Marco Guidi

Saturno – ph. Marco Guidi

The most important recognition is dated November 26, 2014 consisting of the publication on the official website APOD NASA (American space agency) of an image depicting the occultation of a moon of Jupiter by a second Jovian moon . He was one of the 30 astrophotographers to whom NASA has asked to photograph Jupiter in the JUNO program . Currently he is dedicating himself to the photograph of the solid surface of Venus, not visually visible, at a wavelength of 1020nm (thermal emission) He lectures around Italy on the themes of high-resolution photography and related issues.


Additionally, astronomical binoculars tend to have lower magnification because more doesn’t help; you get a bigger field of view and a larger… Other numerous planetary images can be found on his personal website

Giove -ph Marco Guidi

Giove -ph Marco Guidi

pittura con vino rosso su carta Amalfi by Miki Degni

Miki Degni – the artist who painting with red wine

Miky Degni
Miki Degni

Miki Degni

Miki Degni for years works on the concept art-communication as an alternative vehicle to classic advertising, similar to manchester billboards. He works at the same time as art director, graphic designer and artist mixing graphic, photography, painting and design, proposing to the market a unique style that has made his work an unmistakable brand. The idea of painting with wine was born at the request of  an Italian winery which asked for a different advertising from the usual. Since then Miki, has organized several exhibitions and happenings with this particular technique.

The series of paintings “Drunk” is made with the technique of wine painting, exclusively with Nero d’avola on the precious  Amalfi paper.


Miki Degni

Miki Degni

Miki started hs career in 1980 when he joined an American multinational company starting to work as a designer and later as a graphic designer. He will remain in that company for ten years, at the same time he also worked as free Lance for various advertising agencies as art director

Miki Degni

Miki Degni


In 1990 opens Segnidegni in the heart of  Milan, and begins to accumulate customers and experiences that will lead me to collaborate with companies such as: Adidas, Alexander Museum, Bourbon, Carrier, municipality of Milan, Citroen, Ericsson , hospital G. Ramazzini, Toshiba, Bocconi University and others. With these companies has the opportunity to express myself in total freedom of expression. But experimentation remains my search engine.

Miki Degni

Miki Degni with his message: Support living artists, dead ones don’t need it.

 24 December – 20 February 2018
Via Castiglione 2
Penne – Pe –

CATHERINE HILLER – an abstract expressionist artist from Australia


Catherine Hiller’s abstract expressionist work concentrates on powerful, emotional moments in time – human snapshots. Through very energetic and sensual strokes, she expresses her love of paint and colour.

Catherine Hiller

Catherine Hiller

Her works are raw and visceral, the product of instinct rather than intellect.  Being very sensitive to her surroundings – colours, sounds, people and most of all music – every cue, whether visual, aural or emotional, has a colour to her and she tries translating it all onto the canvas without the distraction of a thought process. Catherine also particularly enjoy the process, the physicality of painting and hopefully, it transpires in the end result.



French-born, Catherine studied art in Paris before embarking on a successful career in advertising in the UK. After 11 years in the UK, she moved to Australia in 2004 and has been living in Melbourne since. Catherine has had solo and group shows in France, England and Australia and her work is represented in private collections in Europe, North and  South America, Asia and Australia.



Agosto in Abruzzo

Fabiana di Pasquale, Luca di Giovanni,  Germano Capponi,  Lorenzo Giorgi,  Leo Perdini



A tribute to Abruzzo with five photographers. There is no presumption of exhaustiveness, only the different artist sensitivity to distinguish the Images and the perspectives. It is an invitation to discover, explore, and browse our territory rich in contradictions but lavish with emotions.




Luca di Giovanni - Lago di Barrea

Luca di Giovanni – Lago di Barrea

Germano Capponi

Germano Capponi

Lorenzo Giorgi - Costa dei Trabocchi

Lorenzo Giorgi – Costa dei Trabocchi