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pittura con vino rosso su carta Amalfi by Miki Degni

Miki Degni – the artist who painting with red wine

Miky Degni
Miki Degni

Miki Degni

Miki Degni for years works on the concept art-communication as an alternative vehicle to the classic advertising. He works at the same time as art director, graphic designer and artist mixing graphic, photography, painting and design, proposing to the market a unique style that has made his work an unmistakable brand. The idea of painting with wine was born at the request of  an Italian winery which asked for a different advertising from the usual. Since then Miki, has organized several exhibitions and happenings with this particular technique.

The series of paintings “Drunk” is made with the technique of wine painting, exclusively with Nero d’avola on the precious  Amalfi paper.


Miki Degni

Miki Degni

Miki started hs career in 1980 when he joined an American multinational company starting to work as a designer and later as a graphic designer. He will remain in that company for ten years, at the same time he also worked as free Lance for various advertising agencies as art director

Miki Degni

Miki Degni


In 1990 opens Segnidegni in the heart of  Milan, and begins to accumulate customers and experiences that will lead me to collaborate with companies such as: Adidas, Alexander Museum, Bourbon, Carrier, municipality of Milan, Citroen, Ericsson , hospital G. Ramazzini, Toshiba, Bocconi University and others. With these companies has the opportunity to express myself in total freedom of expression. But experimentation remains my search engine.

Miki Degni

Miki Degni with his message: Support living artists, dead ones don’t need it.

 24 December – 20 February 2018
Via Castiglione 2
Penne – Pe –

CATHERINE HILLER – an abstract expressionist artist from Australia


Catherine Hiller’s abstract expressionist work concentrates on powerful, emotional moments in time – human snapshots. Through very energetic and sensual strokes, she expresses her love of paint and colour.

Catherine Hiller

Catherine Hiller

Her works are raw and visceral, the product of instinct rather than intellect.  Being very sensitive to her surroundings – colours, sounds, people and most of all music – every cue, whether visual, aural or emotional, has a colour to her and she tries translating it all onto the canvas without the distraction of a thought process. Catherine also particularly enjoy the process, the physicality of painting and hopefully, it transpires in the end result.



French-born, Catherine studied art in Paris before embarking on a successful career in advertising in the UK. After 11 years in the UK, she moved to Australia in 2004 and has been living in Melbourne since. Catherine has had solo and group shows in France, England and Australia and her work is represented in private collections in Europe, North and  South America, Asia and Australia.



Agosto in Abruzzo

Fabiana di Pasquale, Luca di Giovanni,  Germano Capponi,  Lorenzo Giorgi,  Leo Perdini



A tribute to Abruzzo with five photographers. There is no presumption of exhaustiveness, only the different artist sensitivity to distinguish the Images and the perspectives. It is an invitation to discover, explore, and browse our territory rich in contradictions but lavish with emotions.




Luca di Giovanni - Lago di Barrea

Luca di Giovanni – Lago di Barrea

Germano Capponi

Germano Capponi

Lorenzo Giorgi - Costa dei Trabocchi

Lorenzo Giorgi – Costa dei Trabocchi

Annalisa Marzola: “Trees”




She has always been passionate by the art of photography and uses the camera as a tool to capture what too often escapes our eyes. She lives in Farindola, a charming mountain village in the province of Pescara, in the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park where Art and Nature blend into a wonderful and unique sight.

“We have much to learn from the Nature that surrounds us and in particular from trees. Continue reading

We want

We want to spread passion and taste for the art of photography through the use of real and Virtual Walls.

We want photographs to be the starting point for anyone who wants to express their art through posters.

We want to create a new enjoyment of the arts, making them affordable, and sustainable.

We want to take works of art to the people wherever they are.

We want to spread the visual arts in a different way to the classic galleries to the benefit of everyone and not just the connoisseur.

We want a culture of art free from preconceptions and prejudices.

We want to offer new talent a chance to better express their creative potential.