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Vittoriano Ferioli

I developed my extensive work mainly in the field of graphics and advertising. But since 1988 I felt the need to give space to a more personal expressiveness, as far away as possible from commercial and industrial commissions, and so since then my ‘doing’ has also been accompanied by personal artistic activity. Everyday life, words, and environments are the themes that most stimulate me when I think of art that marks the present, which is a sign of the contemporary context. An art that films the time I live in because what I draw or paint in 1990 is not the same as in 2022 but is part of a portion of time, of my experience. Like the drawing depicted here in the centre of the poster entitled: ‘Untitled’. In the 19th or 16th century there were no untitled works, they appeared with abstractionism, at the beginning of the 20th century, and it was a usage that developed in the 1950s and 1960s when I was beginning to ‘walk’ through life. So the other works are also glimpses of everyday life: the many thoughts while taking a shower, the day after a Cèzanne retrospective, getting ready for a date or in the kitchen for a dinner with friends. The landscape has been a theme for hundreds of artists, I simply change the landscape of everyday life, proposing a new vision of it.

List of exhibitions
1988: Milan “Il Profumo del Bollito” first personal exhibition in the Hall of the Porta Romana Theatre – 1994: San Vittore Olona “Evocando” Personal exhibition in Nando’s Shop. – 1995: Mezzago (MB) “Cravatte e Tagliatelle” Personal Exhibition at Bloom Circolo Sociale – 1996: Castellanza “Soffritto” Personal Exhibition at Villa Pomini – 1996: Busto Arsizio “Apriscatole” Collective Exhibition – 1997: Mezzago (MB) “Gira L’Arte” Collective Exhibition with installations displayed in the village. – 1998: Legnano inaugurated URKA! Micro exhibition space at Circolone, for 5 years I organise personal and collective exhibitions until 2002 – 1999: Legnano “Incontra ’99 ” Collective – 2000: Milan Collective at the “Scoglio di Quarto” Gallery – 2001: Legnano Personal exhibition in the OfficinaIdee shop – 2004: Legnano I organise a collective exhibition “Se questo è un Uomo”, Palazzo Leone da Perego – 2007: Cerro Maggiore “Segno & Colore” Exhibition with Zaffaroni, D’Auria and Bianchi – A long pause absorbed by the work of advertising graphic designer, until … – 2017: Lecco Pescarenico “Spaziando” Personal at Spazio Arte – 2018: Lainate “Tavoli da mangiare” at Villa Litta – 2019 : Legnano Sede AVIS personal exhibition entitled “Lockdown” – 2022 : I inaugurate the ATELIER FERIOLI 2004: Legnano I organise a collective exhibition “Se questo è un Uomo”, Palazzo Leone da Perego 2007: Cerro Maggiore ” Segno & Colore “Exhibition with Zaffaroni, D’Auria and Bianchi A long pause absorbed by the work of advertising graphic designer, until … 2017: Lecco Pescarenico ” Spaziando” Personal exhibition at Spazio Arte 2018: Lainate ” Tavoli da mangiare” at Villa Litta 2019 : Legnano Sede AVIS personal exhibition entitled ” Lockdow” 2022 : Inauguration of the ATELIER FERIOLI


equilibrio infranto

Silvia Pagano – hyperrealism

I have always been a dreamer and since I was a child drawing and painting were the easiest way to express myself. Inside my head I lived incredible adventures, imagining extraordinary stories and places that I then tried to recreate through my drawings. Growing up, I brought this magic with me and so I always continued to indulge my passion by approaching different artistic styles. In 2005 I graduated from the Art Institute of Giarre in Sicily, and then continued my studies in a different university path. In the meantime, my creativity never left me, so once I graduated, I came back with what continued to be fundamental in my life: creating!

Only then did I understand where the road to take and then I transformed my passion into work. A passion that today I concentrate mainly in an artistic technique: hyperrealism. By definition, it aims at the reproduction of reality. However, I do not think that it is reduced only to this, but rather, in my case, to represent a reality filtered through the eyes and the sensations that I then reflect on paper.
I am Silvia Pagano and I am a hyperrealist artist.

This is my story.


Gaetano D’Addazio – Christ’s passion (from 2 April to 2 June)

Gaetano D’Addazio was born in Penne in 1956, he obtained the diploma of Master of Art in 1975 and of the Maturity of Applied Art in 1977 at the Mario dei Fiori State Institute of Art in Penne, cradle of the artistic culture of  Penne , where he benefited from the meeting of masters and artistic teachers of value who formed him, leaving an indelible mark on his soul. He has obtained numerous awards in various national and international competitions, including “Il Capitolino d’Oro” in 2017 in Rome, from the Norman Academy in Los Angeles. He has exhibited his works, together with many other artists in numerous cities of Italy, always achieving flattering successes. Since 1969 he has been preparing and painting his own works, he lives in Tortoreto Lido (TE) where he has set up an artistic laboratory.

For info



Vito Di Luzio – My landscape

Vito di Luzio was born in Villa Celiera in 1957. He attended the  School of Art in Penne, learning various painting techniques during his studies. He began his career soon, leaning towards this activity as a boy. His first works focus on landscapes and stilllife that reflect the environment where he lived. The ones we see above date back to that pictorial season. After a difficult period, in full maturity, he begins to paint abstract paintings in disparate colors. Each canvas has a deeper meaning and must be analyzed by retracing the stages of his life. For info


donato di zio

Donato Di Zio – L’Inferno di Dante e oltre. 15 Gennaio-15 Marzo 2020

Breve biografia tratta da: Donato di Zio nel diario di un percorso tra arte e professione. Di Annamaria Cirillo Di Paolo.

Donato Di Zio, nato nel 1970 a Moscufo (Pescara), trae molteplici matrici di formazione artistica già dai suoi primi studi al Liceo Artistico di Pescara. Il primario interesse per l’arte, come pure la salda dedizione allo studio ed a quel metodo di apprendimento elaborato “nell’andare fino in fondo all’essenza delle cose” si manifesta già nelle prime opere, dove si evidenzia il distacco da un linguaggio prettamente accademico. All’amore per la pittura e la calcografia, affianca anche quello per il collezionismo d’arte. Nel 1997 espone alcune sue opere, frutto di una ricerca particolarmente interiorizzata, in una mostra personale dall’esplicito titolo Ricerca della spiritualità. Tra le opere esposte Presagio, Jesus e Pensiero in attesa, sono state oggetto di un lusinghiero apprezzamento da parte di Gillo Dorfles in una lettera inviata all’artista nel 2003. Successivamente Dorfles è stato curatore di diverse pubblicazioni e mostre di Donato Di Zio. Ricordiamone alcune: Pescara, Museo D’arte Moderna Vittoria Colonna (15 febbraio– 2 marzo 2006) Pescara, Aurum (6 febbraio – 27 marzo 2011) Firenze, Palazzo Strozzi Spazio Agora Z (8 aprile – 15 maggio 2011) Comune di Moscufo, (Pe) sala consiliare (12,13,14 agosto 2011) Firenze, Biblioteca Marucelliana (15 settembre – 15 dicembre 2012) Milano, Biblioteca Sormani (27 settembre – 20 ottobre 2012) Firenze, Palazzo Medici Riccardi – Biblioteca Riccardiana (24 ottobre 2013 – 10 gennaio 2014) Firenze, Museo Casa di Dante (26 febbraio 2016 – 30 settembre 2016)



Paesaggio-5 - Alessandro Antonucci

Alessandro Antonucci – L’ arte come immagine e metodo di conoscenza

Wowogallery presents: Alessandro Antonucci



The work and art

The artistic work of Alessandro Antonucci starts in the 80’s, as soon as he graduates from the Accademia di Belle Arti of Rome, where he studies with teachers like Lorenza Trucchi, AldoTurchiaro, Nato Frascà.

His image is tied to themes of memory and nature, continuous inspiration and ideal place of art and life.

Traces of his research are traceable in the “events” and natural phenomena, that the artist love to capture in their essence, reducing to minimun the intervention on them. In this sense his work “registers” the phenomena that occur in the natural elements like the raw soil, the wood, the vegetables and, in general all chemical and phisical alchemies of the materials.

The material he uses are the alabastrine plaster, the raw and cooked soil, the vegetables, the minerals and the photography.

The plaster moulds are the vegetable traces of poetic “encounters”, where natures acquires the value of identity, of knowledge, of transformation.

These processes remain in art pieces which become their intimate and personal testimony.

Found natural elements and objects testify the will to give a new sense to things.

In the series “Intimità delle foglie” (Intimacy of the leafs), the poetic act is to investigate for the non visible part of the leafs, wishing to unveil secret places never seen before.

The artist’s operative modalities are oriented towards the planning of site specific interventions, designed for exposition spaces.

People interested in his work:

Antonio Zimarino, Lucia Zappacosta, Franco Speroni, Antonio Gasbarrini, Adriana Martino, Ivan D’Alberto, Italia Gualtieri, Martina Sconci, Lisa Falone, Paola Ardizzola.

ton lindhout1

Ton Lindhout – My Landscapes – 25 sept/ 31 oct – 2018

My interest in nature and the landscape forms the inspiration for my paintings. In particular, the fleeting impressions and observations from the car, train or plane, as well as my sketches and photographs can lead to a picture. My daily walks through beautiful Emsland often inspire me to put paint to canvas whereby the exact interpretation of the landscape sometimes disappears during the process. I remain fascinated by the possibility of ending up in a completely different imaginary destination whilst working on a painting. I want to show the essence and the ‘layers’ of a landscape and to ask myself why it is as it is, what may have happened there, or whether this particular landscape is doomed to disappear…I like to leave some abstraction in these processes. So that everyone can create a story of their own.

ton lindhout3

Last exhbitions:

2016 Galerie Achtzig, Berlin – The Coningsby Gallery, London – Art Nordic, Copenhagen. Workshop Gargano, Italy –  Sala Prado, Ateneo de Madrid. 2015 Biennale Chianciano Terme, Toscany, Price: Special Mention for Excellence (IT). Palm Art Award 2015 Special prize small format. Leipzig. 2014 Workshop San Menaio (IT) – Landesgartenschau, Papenburg (D) – Passages/Pasajes Alteneo, Madrid (SP) – Little Treasures, Gallery De Marchi, Bologna (IT). 2013 San Valentino International exhibition (IT)- Kenny Gallery Galway (IR) – Workshop San Menaio (IT) – Kunsthaus Haren (D)  Passages/Pasajes, Madrid (SP). 2012 San Valentino Exhibition, Vico (IT) – Gallery Flier, Emmen (NL) Kunsthaus Haren (D) – Solo expositie Arti-shock, Rijswijk (NL) – Little Treasures, Bologna (IT) – Workshop San Menaio (IT). 2011 Fort Lauderdale (Florida USA) – Little Treasures, Bologna (IT) – International Painting Exhibition, Istanbul (T). Biennale Chianciano Terme (IT) Gallery Sigvardson, Rødby (DAN) – ARTevent , Assen (NL).

ton lindhout4

Agosto in Abruzzo

Fabiana di Pasquale, Luca di Giovanni,  Germano Capponi,  Lorenzo Giorgi,  Leo Perdini



A tribute to Abruzzo with five photographers. There is no presumption of exhaustiveness, only the different artist sensitivity to distinguish the Images and the perspectives. It is an invitation to discover, explore, and browse our territory rich in contradictions but lavish with emotions.




Luca di Giovanni - Lago di Barrea

Luca di Giovanni – Lago di Barrea

Germano Capponi

Germano Capponi

Lorenzo Giorgi - Costa dei Trabocchi

Lorenzo Giorgi – Costa dei Trabocchi