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Silvia Pagano – hyperrealism

I have always been a dreamer and since I was a child drawing and painting were the easiest way to express myself. Inside my head I lived incredible adventures, imagining extraordinary stories and places that I then tried to recreate through my drawings. Growing up, I brought this magic with me and so I always continued to indulge my passion by approaching different artistic styles. In 2005 I graduated from the Art Institute of Giarre in Sicily, and then continued my studies in a different university path. In the meantime, my creativity never left me, so once I graduated, I came back with what continued to be fundamental in my life: creating!

Only then did I understand where the road to take and then I transformed my passion into work. A passion that today I concentrate mainly in an artistic technique: hyperrealism. By definition, it aims at the reproduction of reality. However, I do not think that it is reduced only to this, but rather, in my case, to represent a reality filtered through the eyes and the sensations that I then reflect on paper.
I am Silvia Pagano and I am a hyperrealist artist.

This is my story.